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China on the line is a website aimed to inform global citizens about the impact of China’s online presence.

Why China?

China is currently the second-largest economy to the United States in terms of GDP and is projected to pull ahead in the upcoming years. Today’s Chinese youth will play an ever-greater role in shaping the world in which we all live, work, do business, and act as global citizens. One aspect where they will be sure to make an impact on is the online world: today China has the largest number of users connected online thanks to its sheer size. Furthermore, China is currently looking to integrate modern manufacturing with mobile internet, cloud computing, big data analytics and the Internet of things. Given China’s scale and global standing, its digital boom will be sure to have a profound impact not only on China but also on the rest of the world.

There is already a significant amount of literature on many different aspects of Chinese culture such as its history, politics, economics and so on, however, because China’s digital boom is relatively recent, there is an information gap on the current and potential impact of an ‘online’ China to overall society.

Where there is a gap there is an opportunity, and the team behind China on the line is interested in creating a space where news and analysis surrounding this phenomenon is discussed.


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